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Winter Registration opens September 15th

 There are five age groups in our Boys' Basketball Club Boys' Basketball Club program. All leagues run from Dec. 1 - March 1, depending on the calendar. Players in the 1st through 12th grades will be contacted in October or early November for their player evaluation times. A player must be evaluated in order to be placed on a team. Players not showing up for evaluations may not be placed on a team.

BOYS' SELECT BASKETBALL: Boys desiring to play SELECT Basketball MUST register as SELECT players (and pay the necessary fees) and MUST do so before the Winter registration deadline. The SELECT registration information will be used to contact players for SELECT evaluations and keep them informed of the process. Accordingly, players signing up for Club Basketball will NOT be notified of SELECT evaluation times. Players not making these teams will be given a refund of the difference between CLUB and SELECT fees and will be registered to play CLUB basketball (unless otherwise directed by the player and/or parents of the player). Currently, select tryouts are scheduled during October. If you have questions or are interested in coaching or participating in the Select Basketball Program, please contact Kurt Cerny at [email protected].

ABOUT: Welcome to the Green Hornets Boys' Basketball program website. Our program is run by an all-volunteer force, so we greatly appreciate their involvement and your support in making the program a success. We try our best to continually improve the program, but most of the good ideas come from the participants in the programs, so we are open and receptive to your input and ideas. Please feel free to email any of the members of the Boys' Basketball Council with your ideas at any time of the year. 

We try very hard to balance the sometimes conflicting goals of developing the most talented players for the local high school programs while including as many boys as possible for their recreational needs. Obtaining quality gym space in fulfillment of these goals remains our biggest challenge, but we will continue to seek quality options in this area. Our excellent working relationship with the Anne Arundel County Department of Parks and Recreation helps keep us going. 

To help alleviate some of the administrative burden on our all-volunteer force, we will be looking to increase the use of this website for conducting the business of the program. We encourage you to check back here often for the latest program information, and we thank you for your support. 

OVERVIEW: The Boys Basketball Club program runs during the winter season, while the Boys Basketball Select program runs during the winter and spring seasons. 

No specialized equipment or training is needed to participate in the Green Hornets Boys Basketball program; just bring a pair of basketball shoes, practice attire, and a desire to learn and have fun. 

Each year we strive to improve the program. Improvements this year will include the enhancement of a Referee training and development program. Past improvements, including the hiring of professional referees for the older Club program, the purchase of reversible NBA jerseys for club teams, training and development for coaches and the purchase of electronic scoreboards, will continue. 

RESPECT OUR FACILITIES: In the past our use of county gym space has been jeopardized when unsupervised players or siblings have caused damage to the facilities. We have tried various programs to address this issue in the past, with limited success. The following rules must be adhered to by all participants in the Green Hornets Boys' Basketball program or they will risk dismissal from the program: 

  • No players are to be left unsupervised in the county facilities. If a coach or assistant coach from the player's team is not present in the building, the player is not to be left without an adult. 
  • Siblings are not permitted to attend practices or games without adult supervision. Siblings who are roaming the halls, stages or cafeterias of the facilities will be asked to leave the facility with their chaperone. 
  • Parents should NOT bring coffee, drinks or food into our gyms at ANY TIME! 
It will be incumbent upon the players, the coaches, and the players' parents to work together to make sure that the facilities are left in the same or better condition than when they arrived, and that no "horseplay" occurs. It is imperative that parents not bring siblings to games or practices if they cannot be supervised at all times during their stay in the facility. 

AGE RANGE: Players range in age from 1st Grade - 12th Grade.

COST: Club (1st-8th Grade) Basketball - $120
Club (9th-12th Grade) Basketball - $130
        Select Winter Basketball - $220
        Select Spring Basketball - $50

SEASON: The season for Boys basketball runs from Mid-November to early March.

Kurt Cerny
Phone: 410-897-7254
Email: [email protected]


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