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Parent's Pledge of Conduct

SPECIAL NOTICE: The board of the GSPAA recognizes the ongoing concern regarding the potential harm to children from unscrupulous persons drawn to youth activities. The board recognizes its responsibility to take actions to limit the risk to children participating in GSPAA activities. We have posted our Policy regarding Background Checks for ALL Persons Supervising Children online. READ IT NOW!

Understanding that parents are the singular most important role model for their children, I agree to

  1. maintain and display self-control while attending practices, games or tournaments in which my child is participating;
  2. give positive encouragement from the sidelines, because it is the best way to support the team and my child's athletic endeavors;
  3. teach my child to play by the rules, respect game officials and respect others, because that is as important as learning the skills necessary to successfully play a sport; and
  4. recognize that the coach or manager can best represent the team when dealing with the referee or umpire.
Greater Severna Park Athletic Association, Inc. is about the kids developing a sense of teamwork, sportsmanship and self worth, and I fully support these ideals.

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