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Boys' Lacrosse

Welcome to the 2018/2019 Green Hornets Boys Lacrosse season. We would like to welcome Coach Mike Burnett back to the Green Hornets!

Green Hornets Boys' Lacrosse

ABOUT: The Green Hornets Boys' Lacrosse Program started in 1969 holds many Anne Arundel County Championship and State Championship Titles.

Many of our current Green Hornets coaches played on state championships in the early 70's including Coaches Mike Burnett, John Barnes, Mike Ruppert among others.

Severna Park has a proud lacrosse tradition. We continue to build on one of the strongest youth league foundations in the State of Maryland. We are committed to match our community’s lacrosse players to the experience that will help them develop and reach their goals, whether that is to play at the highest level and be prepared for high school or to have fun and learn more about the sport.


For the 1st time Green Hornets is offering out of season lacrosse. There will be a Fall lacrosse camp open to all players, and a Select (Club) lacrosse program that will have year-round play.

If your son is planning to try-out for Boys Select Lacrosse, you must register during the on-time registration period (May 15-June15) even though try-outs will be held August 11th and 18th, per below. If your son makes a team he still may elect to opt out of the fall ball and not pay the fall OR spring costs noted below. If your son does not make a team, you may receive a full refund, or get a partial refund and take a credit towards the fall camp. Use the camp link on the homepage to register for this fall camp- 2018 GSPAA Camp Registration Form.


Fall REGISTRATION: Open until June 15th, 2018

Fall Lacrosse Camp
All players, rec and select, will be able to play fall lacrosse in a clinic format. Players will be able to play with their friends in a skills clinic and a small ball 4 v 4 pickup style of true recreational lacrosse. These sessions are intended to be inclusive of all players on 2 turf fields with stations run by high school and college players, as well as existing and former Green Hornet coaches. This session will not have formal teams or formal games, and weekly participation is optional. The goal is simply for players to have fun playing the sport of lacrosse with the highest level of instruction for individual skills. There will be NO coaches or parents yelling at players!

When: Sundays, September 9th through October 28th, times to be determined between noon and 3 p.m.
Where: Severn School Turf fields
Cost: $80 for this Fall Lacrosse Camp

Fall registration the earlier the better but not after August 15th.
2018 GSPAA Camp Registration Form.

Off Season Select (Club) Lacrosse
Single Grade Club teams will be selected for grades 3rd through 8th. All teams will be selected in August and some age groups may have 2 select teams. Teams will play 1-2 tournaments in the fall, and 1-3 tournaments in June. The specific Fall and June tournaments will be determined by each of the 6 head coaches and the Commissioner. Club teams will also play in both the Anne Arundel and Howard County spring Club leagues.

In keeping with the rich tradition of Severna Park Lacrosse, Club teams will be highly competitive throughout the State of Maryland. Emphasis on these select teams will be on advanced individual and team play. Most coaches will be volunteers, and some will be parents of players on the team they are coaching. Additional semi private instruction will be provided to every Club team. Head Coaches will be selected by the Commissioner, assistant coaches will be selected by the Head Coaches and the Commissioner, and players will be selected by the Head Coaches.

When/Games: All Club teams will play 4-6 games that will be played on Sundays in the fall between September 16th and October 28th. Local Fall Tournaments will be played in November, so they should not conflict with fall sports. Regional June Tournaments are the biggest stage for youth lacrosse, and teams will compete against some of the best teams in the Country. 6th – 8th grade teams may elect to play indoor winter lacrosse, while 3rd – 5th grade teams will not play indoor winter lacrosse games.

When/Fall Practices: 6th – 8th grade teams will practice on Sundays in September and October, and occasionally once during the week. 3rd – 5th grade teams will not practice in the fall, they will only play the fall games, and/or participate in the Fall Camp noted above. Select costs noted below include the optional participation in the fall camp, but the Sunday games will conflict with many of the Sunday camp days.

When/Winter Practices: All Select teams will have 2-3 one-hour indoor practice sessions.

Where: All fall Select games will be played on turf fields at Anne Arundel High Schools. All fall practices will be at Severn turf fields. Winter indoor games/leagues will either be in Baltimore City or Howard County. Winter indoor practices will be held at API.

Cost: $200 in August for off season fall program. $200 in March for Spring Season. 2 payments will allow players to opt out for either the fall or spring season. Each Club team may charge players a la carte for additional OPTIONAL tournaments on a case by case basis.

All players, including returning players, need to register by June 15, to avoid the $25 late fee. There is no cost to try out.

Green Hornets Boys' Lacrosse


  • Clinic, Kindergarten – 2nd grade, intramural play only. Focus on fundamental skills, playing with friends and having fun. Only available in the Spring.
  • Club, also known as “rec lacrosse”, available from 2nd through 9th grades. Focus on team play, individual fundamentals, and equal playing time. Available in the Fall Camp and the spring Anne Arundel County Youth Lacrosse League.
  • Select, also known as “club lacrosse”, available from 3rd through 8th grade, Anne Arundel and Howard County Club leagues and regional tournaments. Focus on advanced team play, fundamentals, and specific positions. Available year around.


Kindergarten – 1st grade (Stingers) and optional for 2nd graders. Clinic Lacrosse games are played on small fields, with no body checking. There are no goalies or referees, and volunteer coaches are on the field of play during all games and at all times.

The highest emphasis is placed on player safety. Players will learn the fundamentals of lacrosse and have the opportunity to play with their friends in a safe, fun, learning, supportive environment. Practices and/or games will be held once or twice a week.


Ages 7 – 13 (U9 – U15), see below for cut off dates. Also known as “rec lacrosse”, Club offers a full recreational lacrosse program for all age groups who will compete in the Anne Arundel County Youth lacrosse league ( based on level of skill and experience. There are 10 AA County league games and 2 practices per week.

Spring Season
Evaluations start late February. Team Selection and Practices for rec players start early March. Games start in April. Season ends week before Memorial Day.


Our Select teams will be organized by high school graduation year and will be offered to 3rd through 8th grade players.

Select Teams will compete in two Spring Leagues:

  • Howard County Youth Club Lacrosse League; AND
  • Anne Arundel County Youth Lacrosse New Club League
Select lacrosse requires a “TRYOUT” and registration as “Select” to be considered for the teams. Spring games will start in the first weekend in April and will continue through the end of May (in time for the start of club tournaments in the summer). Games will be played on both days of the weekend. There are two (2) practices during the week.

Green Hornets Boys' Lacrosse

Spring Lacrosse League

AGE RANGE: Boys' lacrosse is open to players ranging in age from five to fourteen and is divided into the five groups listed below. Newcomers are welcome at any age level.

AGE GROUP CONTACTS: Anyone with questions should contact the appropriate Age Group Coordinator (AGC) listed below.

COMMISIONER: All Boys Lacrosse programs are managed by the commissioner. Contact Commissioner Jim Lighthizer at with any questions not being answered by the AGC.

SELECT: Our Select teams will be organized by high school graduation year and will be offered to 3rd through 8th grade players. with any questions about the Select level.

STINGERS: Boys born 9/1/10 to 8/31/12 Contact Brian Bauer at with any questions about the Stinger level.

U9: Boys born 9/1/08 to 8/31/10 Contact Jim Lighthizer at with questions about the Clinic level.

U11: Boys born 9/1/06 to 8/31/08. Contact Peter Hilgartner at with questions about the Pee Wee level.

U13: Boys born 9/1/04 to 8/31/06: Contact AGC Scott Reinecke at with questions about the Midget level.

U15: Boys born 9/1/02 to 8/31/04: Contact AGC Scott Reinecke at with questions about the Junior level.

Director of Coach and Player Development: John Barnes can be contacted at

VOLUNTEERS/COACHES: Coaches are greatly needed for the positions of Head and Assistant Coach for all levels of play. To become a coach please visit the registration page and register as a volunteer coach. We are always looking for new lacrosse coaches who want to share their lacrosse knowledge with our players.

All coaches please look for more information:
Suggested but not required US Lacrosse boy’s youth coach’s clinic.

COACHES: If you are interested in a Head or Assistant coaching position, contact the Commissioner, Jim Lighthizer at or the appropriate Age Group Coordinator AND sign up through the Volunteer Online Registration Form.

EQUIPMENT: The Green Hornets Boys Lacrosse Program does not provide equipment. Each boy must supply their own helmet, gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads, stick and mouth guard - cleats are recommended but not required. Shorts, reversible and jerseys will be provided. Please note that players are prohibited from wearing any type of glasses or visor that are tinted or smoked. All glasses and visors must be clear.

Please note the policy for children that live outside the area that wish to play boys lacrosse: We strongly encourage all children to participate in the program that services the area in which they live. Special requests for unique circumstances are considered. Any questions about this policy should be directed to the commissioner. For players seeking a transfer into a new program, Anne Arundel County requires that a Youth Player Release form be completed and submitted via fax to the county sports supervisor, Attn: Ms. Georgette Shalhoup – (410)- 222- 4120. prior to any field participation including evaluations. It is your responsibility to follow up on the release request and provide written confirmation to the commissioner of GH. This only applies to participation in AA County Lacrosse League Play.

Green Hornets Boys' Lacrosse

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